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Trevor Loudon, Producer of "The Enemies Within"

Most people assume that communism is a thing of the past; it either broke down with the Berlin Wall or fell with Russia. That’s just not the case, and there’s no more dangerous an enemy than one who is believed to be defeated or no longer a threat. Communism is very much alive and well in the thoughts of a great number of Americans, both common and influential. Unfortunately they don’t look at the realistic outcomes of this devastating ideology and the countries that it has destroyed. Trevor Louden does. If you care about this country or just desire to be informed, this event is for you. Whether you’ve seen the film “Enemies Within” or not, don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear Trevor Loudon speak and to ask him questions about these important issues.

March 18, 2017
7:00 PM

American Decency Association
203 E Main St
Fremont MI 49412

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