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Do You Care About Your Future?

Do You Care About Your Future? That’s both an important question and the name of our conference on Friday, July 20, starting at 7 PM at the Prince Conference Center in Grand Rapids. Many in West Michigan think that succumbing to Shariah could never happen here. Listen to DHS founding officer Phil Haney describe the potential path that’s being unleashed in and throughout Michigan that would lead to a lack of resistance from Christians, the church, law enforcement, city officials, our schools, and our governor. Also listen to ex-Muslim, Farrah Prudence, share about the plight of women suffering under Shariah law around the world as she discusses, "We see women in Iran taking off their burkas and hijabs risking their lives as they do so. What would cause women to take such public stances knowing their health and welfare is on the line for their bold actions."

July 20th 2018
7:00 PM

Prince Conference Center (Calvin College)
1800 E Beltline Ave SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546

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